Honours Students 2015

Jani Louw

Thesis Title: Burrows, Burials and Boere. Dealing with disturbances at Faraoskop.

Supervisor: Prof John Parkington

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Ayanda Mdludlu

Thesis Title: A comparison of two Howiesons Poort lithic assemblages: Kathu Pan 6, Northern Cape and Rose Cottage Cave, Free State

Supervisor: Dr. Jayne Wilkins

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Toshika Emrith

Thesis Title: Cranial variation among Southern African Chacma Baboons (Papio ursinus).

It ties down to the implications of making use of cranial morphology in understanding the phylogeny of past hominids.

Supervisor: Dr Riashna Sithaldeen and Dr Terrence Ritz

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Ethan Cohan Cottee

Dissertation Title: The House Midden Ceramics: A Description and Assessment of a Late 19th Century Assemblage (from the Pramberg)

Supervisor: Prof Simon Hall

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Nomawethu Hlazo

Thesis Title: Paranthropus (italics): Variation in cranial morphology

Supervisor: Asso. Prof.r Becky Ackermann and Dr Terrence Ritzman

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