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The Department of Archaeology offers postgraduate Honours, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in Archaeology, and coordinates postgraduate degrees in Quaternary Science (BSc/MSc) and Archaeology & Environmental Science (BSc).  Additionally, members of our staff have co-supervised students from a wide variety of other departments, including Geology, Environmental and Geographical Science, Botany,  Zoology, and Computer Science.   As a result - and as is seen below - student theses span a wide range of interesting, diverse topics.

Current Master Students

Doctoral Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Recent Masters/Doctoral Graduates


Lauren Schroeder (PhD).  A re-evaluation of the morphological affinities of early Homo.  Supervisor: RR Ackermann.

Katherine Kyriacou (PhD). Coastal resources and the development of early modern humans on the western Cape coast. Supervisors: D Braun & J Parkington

Cuan Hahndiek. Supervisor: J Parkington



Emily Hallinan (MSc). Mapping Stone Age landscape use in the Olifants River Valley, Western Cape. Supervisors: J Parkington, D Braun



Yonatan Sahle Chemere, PhD. Hominin technological behavior and paleoenvironment during the later Middle Pleistocene in the Gademotta Formation, Main Ethiopian Rift. Supervisor: D Braun.

Kerryn Warren, MSc. Dental and cranial variation in Iron Age peoples from southern Africa. Supervisors: RR Ackermann & S Hall

Nick Zachariou, MPhil.Supervisor: S Hall

Steven Walker (PhD). The role of impact assessment in archaeological heritage management: a South African perspective. Supervisor: S Chirikure & J Sealy.

Wendy Black (PhD).  Dental and other variation in Holocene Khoesan material from South Africa.  Supervisors: RR Ackermann & JC Sealy.

Abigail Moffett (MPhil). An historical and archaeological study of specialisation in metal production in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, South Africa. Supervisor: S Chirikure & S Hall.



Pat Kramer, MPhil. The history, form and context of the 19th century corbelled buildings of the Great Karoo. Supervisor: S Hall

Kathryn Smuts, MPhil. An archaeology of the 18th and 19th century Cape wine economy from the perspective of Solms Delta and Babylonstoren. Supervisor: S Hall

Troy Smuts. (MPhil). An archaeological perspective on the 19th century development of land, landscape and sheep farming in the Karoo. Supervisor S Hall



Kyle Brown, PhD. The Sword in the Stone: lithic raw material exploitation in the Middle Stone Age at Pinnacle Point Site 5-6, Southern Cape, South Africa. Supervisors: D Braun & J Sealy

Malia Johnson, MSc (with distinction). An investigation of stable sulphur isotopes as a palaeodietary indicator in South Africa. Supervisor: J Sealy

Franz Kruger, MPhil. Report on investigation of Class 3 and Class 4 (Doornspruit) homesteads in the North-West Province, South Africa. Supervisor S Hall.

Karen van Niekerk, PhD.  Marine fish exploitation during the Middle and Later Stone Age of South Africa. Supervisor: J Sealy

Riashna Sithaldeen, PhD.  Phylogeny and phylogeography of the chacma baboon (Papio ursinus): the role of landscape in shaping contemporary genetic structure in the southern African baboon.  Supervisors: RR Ackermann.,& J Bishop (Zoology)

Yvonne Viljoen, MPhl. The Story of a Clanwilliam Farm: the history and archaeology of Warmhoek. Supervisors S Hall and J Parkington.

Nick Wiltshire, MSc. Spatial analysis of archaeological sites in the Western Cape using an integrated digital archive. Supervisor J Parkington.



Will Archer, MSc (distinction). Raw Material Economy of the Acheulian Technology of the Western Cape, South Africa. Supervisor: D Braun

Mariagrazia Galimberti, PhD. Investigating the use of oxygen and carbon isotopes and sclerochronology in Turbo sarmaticus and Donax serra for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction at Pinnacle Point, South Africa.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Andrea Hickman, MSc. Investigating the use of bone density fractionation as a methodological tool in stable light isotope analysis.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Jenna Lavin, MSc (distinction).  Paleoecology of the KBS member in the Koobi Fora Formation of Northern Kenya: Implications for Pleistocene Hominin Behavior. Supervisor: D. Braun.



Mark Anderson, PhD. The historical archaeology of Marathodi: towards and understanding of space, identity and the organisation of production at an early 19th century Tswana Capital in the Pilansberg region of South Africa.  Supervisor: S Hall.

Catherine Gray, PhD. Characterising the Namaqualand Mudbelt: chronology, palynology and palaeoenvironments. Supervisors M Meadows and J Lee-Thorp

Jean Gray, MPhil. Understanding the Farming Community Sequence from the Mateke Hills, South-Eastern Lowveld, Zimbabwe.  Supervisor: T Maggs & S Hall.

Katherine Kyriacou, MPhil. A re-investigation of Hoffman's/Robberg Cave.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Morongwa Mosothwane, PhD (Wits Archaeology) Foragers among farmers? Stable isotopic evidence of diet from archaeological human skeletons of east central Botswana. Co-supervisors: K Sadr (Wits) & JC Sealy.

Mamakomoreng Nkhasi, MPhil. An investigation of aggregation types in 17th – 19th century Tswana towns of North-West Province. Supervisor: S Hall.

Eileen Off, PhD. Craniofacial variation, integration, and evolutionary diversification in baboons (genus Papio).  Supervisor: RR Ackermann.

Dana Rosenstein, MSc. Sorting out ceramics: correlating change in the technology of ceramic production with the chronology of 18th and early 19th century western BaTswana towns.  Supervisor: S Hall.



Jacqui Codron, PhD.  Annals of ivory: perspectives in African elephant Loxodonta africana (Blumenberg 1797) feeding ecology from a multi-decadal record.  Supervisor: JC Sealy & J Lee-Thorp

Phillip Hine,  MPhil. Stone-walled tidal fish-traps: an archaeological and archival investigation.  Supervisor: JC Sealy, D Halkett, & T Hart.



Genevieve Dewar, PhD.  The archaeology of Namaqualand.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Rudy Neeser, MSc. (distinction)  The use of spatial deformation for correcting the taphonomic distortion of hominid crania in South Africa.  Co-supervisors:  J Gain (Computer Science) & RR Ackermann.



Daryl Codron, PhD.  The ecological and evolutionary significance of browsing and grazing in savanna ungulates.  Supervisors: JC Sealy, JA Lee-Thorp (Bradford), M Sponheimer (Colorado).

Erin Finnegan, MPhil.  Buried beyond Buitengracht: Interrogating cultural variability in the historic 'informal' burial ground of Prestwich Street, Cape Town.  Supervisor: S Hall.

Nicolaas Fourie, MSc (distinction).   Dietary ecology and niche separation in three genera (Parapapio, Theropithecus and Cercopithecoides) of South African Plio-Pleistocene Cercopithecoidea. Supervisors: RR Ackermann & J Lee-Thorp.

Frederick Kyalo Manthi, PhD.   The Pliocene micromammalian fauna from Kanapoi, northwestern Kenya, and its contribution to understanding the environment of Australopithecus anamensis. Supervisors: J Parkington & DM Avery (Iziko Museums).

Deano Stynder, PhD  2006.  A quantitative assessment of variation in Holocene Khoesan crania from South Africa’s western, south-western, southern and south-eastern coasts and coastal forelands.  Supervisors: RR Ackermann & JC Sealy.



Ben Ludwig, MSc.   A comparison of hunter-gatherer material culture from Matjes River Rock Shelter and the Robberg Peninsula.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Jeannette Smith, PhD (Wits).  Agropastoral sustainability and climate change in the Shashe Limpopo basin from 900 AD. Supervisors: S Hall & J Lee-Thorp.



Jacqui Codron, MSc. (Botany). Annals of ivory: perspectives in African elephant Loxodonta africana (Blumenberg 1797) feeding ecology from a multi-decadal record.   Supervisors: J Lee-Thorp & W Bond (Botany).

Thalassa Matthews, PhD.  Micromammalian faunas from Langebaanweg and Hoedjiespunt.  Supervisors: J Parkington & DM Avery (Iziko Museums).

Jayson Orton, MA.  The quartz conundrum: understanding the role of quartz in the composition of late Pleistocene and Holocene lithic assemblages from the Verlorenvlei area, Western Cape. Supervisor: J Parkington.

Liesbet Schietecatte, MPhil.   Of fish, pigs and cesspits: a comparative study of stable isotopic analyses of five medieval sites from Belgium.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Worth, David, PhD.  Gas and grain: the conservation of networked industrial landscapes. Supervisor: M Hall



Bastian Asmus, MSc.   A digital recording system for creating a rock painting archive.  Supervisor: J Parkington.

Fiona Clayton, MSc.   Weaning patterns in the Later Stone Age as reconstructed through nitrogen isotope analyses of the skeletons from Matjes River Rock Shelter.  Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Daryl Codron, MSc (distinction).  (Quaternary Science) Ecological variability of chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) living in the South African savannah based on stable light isotopes.  Supervisor: J Lee-Thorp.

Conny Meister, MSc. Photogrammetric approaches to the recording of handprints.  Supervisor:  J Parkington.

Michael Scott, MA.   Ju'hoansi Bushmen of /Gam, Namibia, and their pastoralist neighbours: Contact, Crisis of Identity, Hxaro, and Implications for the Past.  Supervisor: A Smith.

Tobias Tonner, MSc (distinction).   A MapInfo data base for the LSA site of Dunefield Midden. Supervisor: J Parkington.



Corli Coetsee, MSc (Conservation Biology).  Stable isotope study of interactions between herbivores,plants and nutrient cycling in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, South Africa.  Co-supervisors: NJ van der Merwe & W Stock (Botany).

Tamara Franz-Odendaal, Ph.D.  Analysis of dental pathologies in the herbivores of Langebaanweg and their palaeoenvironmental implications. Supervisors: J Lee-Thorp & A Chinsamy-Turan (Zoology).

Frederick Manthi, MSc. (distinction). The taphonomy of a micromammalian faunal assemblage from the Saldanha Bay yacht club: a contribution to the study of the South African west coast palaeoenvironments. Supervisors: J Parkington & DM Avery.

C. Muller, MA.  Investigation of possible dietary differences between the inhabitants of the Robberg/Plettenberg Bay and Matjes River Rock Shelter in the Later Stone Age: an isotopic approach. Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Amanda Rau, Ph.D.  Late Quaternary history of Agulhas-Benguela interactions from two sediment cores on the western continental slope of South Africa. Supervisors: JA Lee-Thorp and J Rogers (Geological Sciences).  



Harriet Clift, MA.  A sortie into the archaeology of the Moravian mission station, Genadenal. Supervisors: M Hall & A Malan.

Nirdev Desai, MSc.  The technological, social and economic aspects of gold production and use by the Iron Age of southern Africa. Supervisor: D Miller.

Julie Luyt, MSc. (distinction). Revisiting palaeoenvironments of the hominid-bearing Plio-Pleistocene sites: new isotopic evidence from Sterkfontein. Supervisor: J Lee-Thorp

U. Seeman, PhD.  The British military occupation of the Cape 1795 - 1815 the case of York redoubt. Supervisor: M Hall.



P. Nilssen, PhD.   An actualistic butchery study in South Africa and its implications for reconstructing hominid strategies of carcass acquisition and butchery in the Upper Pleistocene and Plio-Pleistocene. Supervisor: J Parkington.



Glenda Cox, MA (distinction).  Cobern Street burial ground: Investigating the identity and life histories of the underclass of eighteenth century Cape Town. Supervisor: JC Sealy.

Zukisani Jakavula, MA.  Archaeological sensitivity model: a cultural resource management exercise. Supervisor: J Parkington.

N.S. Mavrodinov, MA.   An assessment of the maritime archaeological potential of the eastern coastline of Table Bay, between the Old South Water Mouth and Blaauwberg. Supervisor: B Werz.

C. Pietersen, MA.   The role of archaeology within the urban environment: A study aimed at determining how the people of Cape Town relate to their environment. Supervisor: M Hall.