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Jayne Wilkins

My research focus is the archaeology of early modern human origins and the Middle Stone Age. I investigate early human adaptation in the southern Kalahari Basin and on the South Coast of South Africa. By comparing archaeology in the Kalahari Basin to more well-known coastal sequences, I am testing coastal-centric hypotheses for the origins and evolution of Homo sapiens.  My work also incorporates experimental research on Stone Age weapons systems and stone tool functional analyses.

Selected publications:

Refereed journal articles

2015    Wilkins, Jayne, Benjamin J. Schoville, Kyle S. Brown, Michael Chazan. Kathu Pan 1 points and the assemblage-scale, probabilistic approach: A response to Rots and Plisson, “Projectiles and the abuse of the use-wear method in a search for impact”.  Journal of Archaeological Science 54, 294-299.

2014    Wilkins, Jayne, Benjamin J. Schoville, Kyle S. Brown. An Experimental Investigation of the Functional Hypothesis and Evolutionary Advantage of Stone-Tipped Spears. PLOS ONE 9 (8) e104514.

2014    Oestmo, Simen, Benjamin Schoville, Jayne Wilkins, and Curtis W. Marean. A Middle Stone Age (MSA) Paleosol Landscape near the Pinnacle Point caves, Vleesbaai, South Africa. Quaternary International 350, 147-168

2012    Wilkins, Jayne, Benjamin J. Schoville, Kyle S. Brown, and Michael Chazan. Evidence for Early Hafted Hunting Technology. Science 338, 942-946.

2012    Wilkins, Jayne, and Michael Chazan. Blade Production ~500 thousand years ago at Kathu Pan 1, South Africa: Support for a Multiple Origins Hypothesis for early Middle Pleistocene Blade Technologies. Journal of Archaeological Science 39, 1883-1900.

2010    Wilkins, Jayne, Luca Pollarolo, and Kathleen Kuman. Prepared Core Reduction at the site of Kudu Koppie, northern South Africa: Temporal patterns across the Earlier and Middle Stone Boundary. Journal of Archaeological Science 37, 1279-1292.

2010    Pollarolo, Luca, Jayne Wilkins, Kathleen Kuman, and L. Galetti. Site formation at Kudu Koppie: a late Earlier and Middle Stone Age site in northern Limpopo Province, South Africa. Quaternary International 216, 151-161.

2010    Wilkins, Jayne. Style, Symboling, and Interaction in Middle Stone Age Society. vis-a-vis: Explorations in Anthropology 10 (1), 102-125.

2006    Mercader, Julio, Raquel Marti, Jayne Wilkins, and Kent D. Fowler. The Eastern Periphery of the Yoruba Cultural Sphere: Ceramics from the Lowland Rainforests of Southern Cameroon. Current Anthropology 47 (1), 173-184.

Edited volumes

2010    Macdonald, Danielle and Jayne Wilkins, editors Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Proceedings of the 2010 Graduate Students Lithics Symposium. Special Issue of vis-à-vis: Explorations in Anthropology 10 (2), 119 pp.

2009    Wilkins, Jayne and Kirsten Anderson, editors. Tools of the Trade: Methods, Techniques, and Innovative Approaches in Archaeology. University of Calgary Press. Calgary. 315 pp. (peer-reviewed)

Book chapters

in press    Wilkins, Jayne, and Benjamin J. Schoville. Edge damage on 500-thousand-year-old spear tips from Kathu Pan 1, South Africa: the combined effects of spear use and taphonomic processes. In R. Iovita and K. Sano (Eds.), Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Stone Age Weaponry: Springer.

Other publications

in press    Wilkins, Jayne. Weapons, stone. In M. C. Beaudry and K. Metheny (Eds), The Archaeology of Food: An Encyclopedia. Alta Mira.

2014    Wilkins, Jayne. Lucy. In C. Smith (Ed), Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology. Springer Reference: 4561-4564.

2012    Chazan, Michael, Jayne Wilkins, David Morris, and Francesco Berna. Bestwood 1: a newly discovered Earlier Stone Age living surface near Kathu, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. Antiquity Project Gallery 086.

Media Coverage:

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