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Alex Mackay

My primary interest is in explaining technological change in the late Pleistocene of southern Africa using insights from a variety of theoretical streams including evolutionary ecology, transmission theory and that roughly aligned body of work known as the organisation of technology. I'm also interested in how archaeologists approach archaeology, and thus in the history of archaeological research and in the effects that history has on how we perceive, approach and explain the changes we see in the record through time and space.

Currently I'm focusing on a three-year project looking at late Pleistocene occupational and technological variation in environmentally marginal regions of the Western Cape of South Africa.

Selected Publications:

2015. Mackay, A., Z. Jacobs & T.E. Steele. Late Pleistocene archaeology and chronology of Putslaagte 8 (PL8) rockshelter, Western Cape, South Africa. Journal of African Archaeology.

2014. Mackay, A., A. Sumner, Z. Jacobs, K. Bluff & M. Shaw. Putslaagte 1 (PL1), the Doring River, and the later Middle Stone Age in southern Africa’s Winter Rainfall Zone. Quaternary International 350: 43-58.

2014. Thompson, J.C. A. Mackay, V.J. De Moor & E. Gomani-Chindebvu. Catchment survey in the Karonga District: A landscape-scale analysis of core reduction strategies during the Middle Stone Age of northern Malawi. African Archaeological Review DOI 10.1007/s10437-014-9167-2.

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2012. Tripcevich, N. & A. Mackay. Spatial and temporal variation in stone raw material provisioning in the Chivay Obsidian Source area. In: A. Vranich, E. Klarich and C. Stanish (eds) Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology III. Museum of Anthropology Publications, University of Michigan. Pp 141-161.

2011. Mackay, A. Potentially stylistic differences between backed artefacts from two nearby sites occupied ~60 000 years before present in South Africa. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 30: 235-245.

2011. Mackay, A. The nature and significance of the transition from the Howiesons Poort to the post-Howiesons Poort at Klein Kliphuis rockshelter, South Africa. Journal of Archaeological Science 38: 1430-1440.

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