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Faculty and Staff



Prof Rebecca Rogers Ackermann, Professor (MA Arizona, PhD Washington U. in St. Louis).  Hominin evolution; craniofacial variation & integration; evolutionary process and theory; hybridization; genetic drift.  

Prof Shadreck Chirikure, Professor and Head of Department (PhD UCL).  Iron Age metallurgy in southern Africa; heritage in contemporary Africa.

Dr Vincent J. Hare (MSc DPhil Oxon). Lecturer. Stable Light Isotope Laboratory, Earth Systems Science, palaeoclimatology, Quaternary palaeoenvironments, dating methods, archaeomagnetism.

Dr Vuyiswa Lupuwana (PhD Cape Town). Lecturer. Historical Archaeology and the archaeologies of Interaction. Public and Community Archaeologies and Documentary film and media studies.

Dr Julie Luyt (PhD Cape Town). Stable Light Isotope Laboratory, palaeoclimatology, Quaternary palaeoenvironments. 

Dr Yonatan Sahle (PhD Cape Town). Senior Lecturer. Middle Stone Age archaeology; technological change; prehistoric weaponry; hominin carnivory; lithic ethnoarchaeology.

Prof Judith Sealy, Professor and SARChI Research Chair in Stable Isotopes in Archaeology and Palaeoenvironmental Studies (MSc PhD Cape Town). Archaeometry; stable isotopes; prehistoric southern Africa.  

Dr Deano Stynder, Senior Lecturer (PhD Cape Town). African fauna; palaeoenvironments

Senior Scholars:

Prof Simon L. Hall (MA Wits, DPhil Stellenbosch). Senior Scholar. Research themes: The archaeology of frontiers, boundaries and shared landscapes between hunter-gatherers, farmers and the colonial world.

Prof John Parkington, Emeritus Professor, Senior Scholar (MA PhD Cantab).  Hunter-gatherers; paleoenvironmental reconstruction and human ecology; prehistoric art; coastal archaeology

Emeritus Professors:

Prof Andrew B. Smith, Emeritus Professor (PhD Berkeley).  Prehistoric pastoralism; origins of food production; ethnohistory.

Prof Nikolaas van der Merwe,  Emeritus Professor (MA PhD Yale).   Isotopes; palaeodiets; palaeoenvironments; archaeometallurgy.

Support and Administrative Staff:

Ms Lynn Cable   Administrative Officer email

Ms. Louisa Hutten  Senior Scientific Officer; archaeological faunal remains. email:

Mrs Dolores Jacobs Laboratory Assistant. email

Mr Mervin Kanye   Departmental Assistant email

Dr Julie Luyt   Chief Scientific Officer; Stable Light Isotope Laboratory.  email


Research Associates:

Dr Will Archer (PhD, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig). Material culture variability in the African Stone Age record. Modern human origins, paleodemography and biogeography.

Dr Graham Avery  archaeozoology.

Prof David Braun, Adjunct Associate Professor (PhD Rutgers). Ecological and evolutionary aspects of early hominin technology; lithic analysis; digital image analysis; Old World Palaeolithic archaeology.

Dr Per Ditlef Fredriksen ceramics, ethnoarchaeology, archaeology of farming communities

Dr Alex Mackay (PhD, ANU), 2009, BA Hons (1st class), ANU, 2000

Dr Tim Maggs archaeology of farming communities

Dr Antonia Malan  archaeology of the colonial period; archives and vernacular architecture.

Dr Webber Ndoro heritage studies

Dr Jayson Orton Heritage & archaeological consultant

Dr Susan Pfeiffer  University of Toronto; biological anthropology.

Dr T. Alexandra Sumner, (PhD U Toronto).  Palaeolithic technological behaviour; evolution of human cognition; raw material procurement and exploitation.

Dr Larissa Swedell CUNY; primate behaviour.

Dr Jayne Wilkins, (PhD Toronto), Middle Stone Age, modern human origins, lithic analysis, prehistoric weaponry