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Honours Course

BSc or BA or BSocSci Honours Degree in Archaeology
or Archaeology and Environmental Science

The Honours programme in Archaeology at UCT provides advanced training in the theory and practice of archaeology, building on skills learned during undergraduate archaeology courses. Students who apply to take Archaeology Honours include those who wish to become professional archaeologists, working in universities, museums or as contract archaeologists. Others may go on to work in heritage management, environmental science, conservation, and related fields.



What you will do:

You can do a BSc, BA or BSocSci Honours degree in Archaeology, depending on your undergraduate degree. The core curriculum is the same in all cases. Our intensive one-year programme explores many different aspects of archaeology, with classroom, field, and research components.
Coursework: Students in the archaeology Honours programme complete core module coursework in the first semester, and chose two elective modules (according to individual interests) for the second semester. Module topics vary from year to year, but typically include philosophy of science, cultural heritage, and materials analysis (lithic artifacts, fauna).
Fieldwork: All students also conduct a minimum of two weeks of field work. Projects differ from year to year, but often include the option to work at several internationally-renowned archaeological sites such Great Zimbabwe, Pinnacle Point, and Koobi Fora.
Research Thesis: With the guidance of a faculty supervisor, students conduct an independent research project and prepare a ~60 page thesis and oral presentation summarizing their results. There are a number of topics to choose from for the thesis, including human evolution, rock art, ancient technologies, experimental archaeology, palaeoecology and palaeodiets, South African historical archaeology, and cultural heritage.



What is Required:

A BSc or BA or BSocSci degree with an Archaeology Major and good academic record is required for acceptance into the Archaeology Honours program.

How to Apply:

STEP 1 (RECOMMENDED but not mandatory): Contact a researcher in the department that studies a topic you are interested in. This may be one of your lecturers, or you can see the departmental research interests on the archaeology department website. This is your opportunity to indicate what your academic background is and what your research interests are. You can also ask whether they would be interested in supervising your Honours research project, and ask about potential funding prospects. It’s not required to contact a supervisor in advance, but it’s a good idea to make sure that you and the supervisor are a good fit, and to find out about funding opportunities.

STEP 2: Apply online through the UCT website: CLOSING DATE OCT 31, 2015

Complete the Postgraduate Funding Application as part of your application for admission to UCT. Please refer to the Postgraduate Funding Office website for details
Funding may also be available through your supervisor. Arrangements for funding through your supervisor must be made in advance of registration.

STEP 3: Wait to hear from us. After we have received your application, we may contact you to request the following supporting documents:
•    C.V. including work experience
•    200 word statement of research interest
•    Referees’ names
If you are accepted into the program, you will be contacted by mid-November and asked to submit a Provisional Acceptance Form, which we will send to you.